Monday, 22 July 2013

4 reasons why Video games could be the new film

With the death of legendary film critic and video game adversary Roger Ebert, questions surrounding video games artistic validity have been popping up more and more.  What’s interesting about this is when you observe the historical lineage of both film and video games there are pretty astonishing resemblances.

This article will briefly observe the timeline of both film and video gaming, highlighting the important similarities they shared when evolving into what we know them as today. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Win a 3DS Accessory Bundle - Competition Details!

It's Competition Time! You can win one of our Amazing Venom 3DS Accessory Bundles worth more than £50 each! 

3DS Bundle - Stylus Pack + Power Supply + Earbuds +Organiser + Car Adaptor         3DS Travel Bundle - Carry Case + Stylus Pack + Car Kit + Power Supply
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Monday, 17 June 2013

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Free "The Last Of Us" iPhone Case when you order the game

When you purchase the new "The Last  Of Us" PS3 game, we are going to throw in an official iPhone case for free! 

Free iphone case with purchase

Friday, 7 June 2013

What would street fighter characters look like now?

All Grown ... old?

RYU, 49

Art by Molee

If we follow the linage of the original 1987 Street Fighter game, Ryu would actually be 49 now and he doesn't seem the type to die his hair if it went a little grey.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Games for the New Playstation 4

The best games that will be available after the 27 December release date ... so far 

Killzone Shadow Fall

Set 30 years after the events of Killzone 3. You are an elite Shadow Marshal charged with keeping tensions between the Helghast and Vektans from boiling over. 

inFAMOUS: Second Son

Takes place seven years after the events of Infamous 2. Seattle is the setting and Delsin Rowe is the new hero with the ability to manipulate smoke.


Cutting-edge graphics and the world's greatest supercars feature in the latest title from Evolution Studios.


Turn into a gigantic fighting machine thanks to the power of ancient relics in this vibrant new adventure.

Watch Dogs

Learn what it is to have complete control over a hyper-connected city.

The Witness

The latest puzzle game from Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid.


A brand new first person shooter from Bungie Studios.

Visit to pre-order the Sony Playstation 4

Friday, 31 May 2013

Rugby Challenge 2 - Is it able to compete with Pro Evolution or FIFA?

Rugby Vs Soccer 

I know Rugby and Soccer (football) are like apples and oranges and it would be unfair to compare them too much. But with rugby becoming more popular now than ever, could this finally be the time a rugby video game challenges the soccer game spotlight?

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Extreme sports communities take to the SunnyCam Sunglasses

Spy-Cam Sunglasses have been embraced with open arms by the extreme snowboarding and motorcycling world!

During the late 2000s the search for accessible ways to capture the perspectives of extreme sports practitioners has been a gruelling trial and error process. The problem usually revolves around the compromise between physical accessibility and picture quality, just when a camera seemed light enough to not disrupt the sportsman's efforts, the video quality was severely jeopardised.  

Friday, 24 May 2013

£15 off coupon code for Venom Vibration Headset XT

Hitari are offering a one week only Coupon Code - Knocking the price from £39.99 to £24.99

Get £15 off a Venom Vibration Headset XT by entering "VIBRATIONHEADSET15" to the MY CART option after your order. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

What classic horror film would make the best video game?

... According to the social media democracy

After asking our followers what classic horror would make the best video game and compiling the Twitter and Facebook votes, the result was surprisingly one sided.

Just under 80% of the votes went to Stanley Kubrik's "The Shining"

If you are anything like us this result maybe pretty surprising (unless you're like 80% of our voters of course) I mean how would the game work? What perspective would you be playing from? What would the objectives be? 

One of our twitter voters made this suggestion.  

@Nellybonjelly  - "The Shining" from Jack Nicholson's POV. He starts off fighting ghosts then when he's possessed he chaises his family.

One of our facebook voters suggested this.

"You can play as each character (The dads character when he's good) like an ensemble piece. You can even have a section where you are the kid in his toy go-cart thing. You can even be the caretaker as well. Each level represents a different section of the movie."

It is impressive that a film made in 1980 would still be seen in such high regards by a whole new generation. Although, there were overwhelming amounts of people that liked the idea of playing from Jack Nicholson's perspective, which may say something pretty sinister about our young generation ... or am I just getting old?

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hidden Spy-Cam Gadget sales increase by 30%

At Hitari we like to delve into the gadget world as much as we can and one thing you really can't escape from when it comes to Gadget Tech is the extreme advances in "spycam" technology.

We sell a few products that fall into the "hidden/spycam" category, more for their geeky gadget appeal than security purposes (or the more deviant motivations that we wont mention).

Also the fact general Spy-Cam sales have increased by 30% from June 2012 to May 2013, makes it even more appealing to sell them.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Advertising Video Games on TV is DEAD!

Video Game TV Advertising has fallen by 44% says MCV's Christopher Dring

Has TV lost its marketing influence or is the video games market in decline?  

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Call Of Duty: Ghosts, is the riskiest Call of duty game to date, says Activision

"Everyone was expecting us to make Modern Warfare 4, which would have been the safe thing to do. But we're not resting on our laurels"

 - Mark Rubin (executive producer of developer Infinity Ward)

The franchise that defined a generation of gaming seems to be raising the bar once again with the all-new Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Sony PS3 Slim cooling fan, blue LED light does not work?

"The blue light on my PS3 Slim Cooling Fan isn't working!"

We get this question all the time and believe it or not the solution is pretty simple.

But don't worry you haven't lost your mind, it is something most people seem to miss.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Signature weapons pack for Resident Evil Revelations

Along with the release of the latest Resident Evil game are 3 cool signature gun extensions 

Since Resident Evil Revelations received such critical success, with critics like Richard George from IGN praising its technical accomplishments, there has been a lot of hype around its release. 

As an attempt to maintain the buzz there has already been a weapons extension pack available to the public. 

The 3 signature model guns can be used in both the campaign and in RAID modes.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts Listed by Supermarket – Release Details and Cover Art Inside!

Call of Duty, the indisputable behemoth of entertainment, Activision’s home run and the sole reason that many people even own a gaming system is, of course, going to have a new instalment released this year. But then, we all knew that. What we didn’t know, but now do thanks to sprawling, world-domineering supermarket chain Tesco, is that it’s going to be called Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Monday, 22 April 2013

What is it about toys and gamers?

Assassin's Creed IV Figurine Edward Kenway The Assassin Pirate

Okay maybe toy is the wrong word? "Collectables" or "figurines" are possibly more accurate phrases for people over the age of 15, but either way I'm sure you know where I'm coming from.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Competition Instructions to win a Venom Vibration XT Gaming Headset

It's Competition Time! You can win one of our amazing Venom Vibration XT Multi format Gaming Headsets. Please read instructions of how to enter the competition below.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Finally in your Letterbox!

Next month we finally get our grubby paws on Telltale’s incredible, episodic downloadable success The Walking Dead in all its NPC-killing, leg-hacking, decision-making, panic-inducing glory. The complete, all-in-one boxed format has been teasing our shelves for months but we’re finally in sight of being able to dish this beast out to you insatiable gamers! We bet you can’t wait, and if you can, you need to get onto your console of choice and download the demo immediately if not sooner.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Battlefield 4: 17 Minutes of Gameplay inside!

As we promised ahead of last week's Vine-released teaser video from EA themselves, we have the brand new Battlefield 4 trailer below, and not only that, but we ALSO have an astonishing 17 minutes worth of pure, undiluted gameplay! Brace yourselves for this, it's pretty incredible.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Battlefield 4 Trailer Incoming: Vine Teaser Inside

If you managed to catch the new art for Battlefield 4 that ran freely into the wild just days ago, then you might be expecting some sort of follow up announcement. If that's the case, then you sir, are a person of extraordinary acumen as, through the Vine video below, EA have revealed that a new Battlefield 4 trailer will be coming next week on March 27th!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Gears of War Judgement, Bioshock Infinite to Round Off March!

Have you had a blast on the new Tomb Raider yet? If you’re still on the fence, you might be pleased to hear that it’s an absolute riot; gone are the days of instructing Lara to roll left out of the way of an incoming boulder, only for her to draw her firearms at it and crouch tentatively. Nope this one delivers a whole new level of control, it looks utterly stunning and is, all in all, a joy to play. We’ve been guiding Lara through this new adventure to tumultuous cries of joy here in the Hitari office since its release, it’s causing a right old raucous. Still there’s a couple of notable fellows you might be looking forward to to finish off March as well, and they go by those practically unheard of names Gears of War and Bioshock!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Saints Row 4 Incoming August 20th!

The very recently revealed FOURTH GTA-em-up Saints Row is officially a thing and heading to your letterboxes on the 23rd of August! We’ll have preorder information up before you know it, though in the meantime; why not have yourself a cheeky butchers of the first trailer below! Judging from the video, it looks like we’ll be treated to more wacky tacky riotous inappropriatism all in the insatiable name of FUN. And fun it will be, undoubtedly. With planned releases on all the usual fodder, the most ridiculous title this side of Giants: Citizens Kabuto will be landing on your PCs PS3s and Xboxes before you know it!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

It’s Time to Face Your Destiny in Bungie’s Post Halo IP!

Bungie have revealed their follow up to the unstoppable, gaming staple Halo franchise they gracefully passed on to 343 Industries last year, with their incredible launch video below for ‘Destiny’! The universe is said to be an ever-changing one in which player characters can grow, are customizable, and endlessly level up across the expansive backdrop of planets, worlds and an on-going space age dramas.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sony Unveil Playstation 4 at Mammoth, Game Filled Event!

It exists! It’s real! We were there! Well, almost. We were watching intently through our computer screens as just earlier this week Sony took to a New York stage, in front of packed audience of journalists, industry members and people who’d managed to smooth talk their way in, to announce the inevitable, incredible, foam-at-the-mouth excitable Playstation 4!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About Metal Gear Rising: Out Today!

Metal Gear fan or not, today is your lucky day because Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has landed on our digital shelves! The keen-eyed and eared among you will be aware that this isn’t your typical Metal Gear excursion and in fact there’s barely a momentary glance in the vague direction of stealth! Don’t let that discourage you though; we’re massive fans of sneaky-snakey stealthing our way through every game Konami throw at us, and we’re seriously ENAMOURED with Rising. But why?

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hitari, an MCV Awards 2013 Finalist

We are pleased to have been nominated for MCV Awards 2013, Independent Retailer - Online category. We are up against some strong online retailers who have been around for quite some time and we feel very privileged to be up right there with them.

Further details found on the original news post here: Hitari, an MCV Awards 2013 Finalist

Latest Bioshock: Infinite and Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailers Inside!

We love trailers. We love it when they come in all different shapes and sizes and lengths and detail. We love it when they slink genially toward our inbox in increasing frequency as the launch date approaches. We even love it when they make us ask questions and look at each other in an exaggeratedly inquisitive manner as if we were staring in an infomercial. We’re not. Not yet anyway.

Friday, 8 February 2013

GTA V Release Date Announced and Explained!

Yes it seems everybody’s favourite Steal-a-Car-‘em-Up has had its release date finally revealed! If you haven’t heard already, we may have some potentially bad news for you. Brace yourselves. As opposed to the ‘Spring’ launch season we had all been blissfully led to believe was true, it seems that we’re going to have to wait a little while longer. 17th September is the final release date, should everything stay on schedule!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nintendo Direct Delivers Mario by the Shed Load!

It’s all in for Nintendo this week as just today they’ve delivered an astonishingly fervent start to the year, kicking of 2013 by actually getting us flipping excited about the year ahead. If you bought a Wii U over Christmas, this month’s official video made sure you made the right choice. Here then, is an abridged version of what you’ve got to look forward to, and if you want to watch the entire announcement yourself, there’s a cheeky video below. Prepare yourself Ninty fans.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It’s Raining Anarchy in the Hitari Offices!

Happy New Year all, how have we been Hitari readers!? Have we all recovered from the raucous New Year celebrations? Ours was mostly spent trying to decide which disc to put in the tray, there’s still a ton of stuff for us left to play from the tumultuous influx of releases we batted off the shelves last year. We’ve not even got round to playing Hitman yet! And if that’s not enough, there’s even more heading out this week! There’s also a ton of news from the Consumer Electronic Show, wherein PC giants Nvidia announced they’re hard at work on a new, high end handheld console, shocking us all into a week on Tuesday, whilst Lego Marvel Super Heroes has also been confirmed! Hoorah!

So it’s old school brawler time as Sega’s Anarchy Reigns finally, finally lands in all your letterboxes. If you’re after a game the relives the quaint PS2-era in terms of pure design nostalgia, whilst mixing in a deluge of modern gameplay accessibility, and a multiplayer mode that is inarguably a shed load of fun, then you’ll find everything you need in this bargain new release! At less than £20 it’s the steal of the year so far!

And talking of steals, if you haven’t picked up FIFA 13 yet then you might just catch it in our sale! It’s cheap as chips for footballing greatness right now, but hurry, it won’t last long!! There’s a load of great deals to be had, so make sure you’re flicking through our pages and ordering before they all run out.

Meanwhile, DmC, Dante’s Devil May Cry reboot and haircut is finally blasting his way out to you this week! Scoring a massive 8.5 from IGN, whilst Eurogamer called it ‘this generation's finest fighting games’. If you’re reading this in time, then you might just be able to squeeze in a preorder for our selection of bonuses, but if not, never fear! We are stocked and ready to deliver to your door, so hit the checkout and get ready to bring heaven hell crashing down together. Oh the excessive damage of teen angst eh!

Meanwhile, we can’t wait for the influx of titles heading our way in February that really get 2013 rolling; with Metal Gear Rising, Aliens Colonial Marines and the beautiful PS3 exclusive Ni no Kuni all heading for disc trays everywhere, looks like our confusion of what to stick in will be ever drawn out! Head over to our page and stick down a preorder for your favourites before they’re gone!