Sunday, 24 February 2013

It’s Time to Face Your Destiny in Bungie’s Post Halo IP!

Bungie have revealed their follow up to the unstoppable, gaming staple Halo franchise they gracefully passed on to 343 Industries last year, with their incredible launch video below for ‘Destiny’! The universe is said to be an ever-changing one in which player characters can grow, are customizable, and endlessly level up across the expansive backdrop of planets, worlds and an on-going space age dramas.

The concept art, much of which is shown in the reveal trailer below, looks absolutely stunning, and concentrates on this idea of behemoth, towering structures and immensely proportioned worlds. Of course, the game is a first person shooter, but its persistent world has been likened to that of an MMO. When put to Activision’s Eric Hershberg however, he commented that referring to the game as an MMO would in fact be underselling it; they’ll be NO subscription charge. He said Bungie have creared the world’s first ‘Shared World Shooter’. Exciting eh. Have a look at the video below for more Hitari readers!

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