Thursday, 24 April 2014

Don Bradman Cricket 14 - The Finest Cricket-centric video game ever made!

To all Cricket fans and want to be, the Don Bradman Cricket video game is the one for you. 

The game have had so much good press… the 77 Metacritic is the highest Metacritic rating ever for any video game based on Cricket,, including titles from EA, Codemasters etc., and no doubt this score will rise, as more reviews come through.

Reviews and quotes:

this is how cricket games should be
Indian Video Gamer - 9 out of 10 | 4th April 2014

Don Bradman Cricket 14 is leaps and bounds above any other cricket game delivered on PS3 or Xbox 360.
MMGN | 8th April 2014 – 7 out of 10

"Best cricket game of this generation" 11th April 2014 – 8.7 out of 10.0

Straight away, you should know that many are calling “Don Bradman Cricket 14” one of the finest cricket-centric video games ever made.
Simply put, Don Bradman Cricket 14 is a game that all dedicated cricket fans should pick up
Gamer Bolt | 13th April 2014 - 7.2 out of 10.0

Cricket At Its Best!
a gold standard that sets the bar high for others to follow
Little Boy Reports | 8th April 2014 - 8 out of 10 (“GREAT”)

a fine addition to your collection
Sportskeeda | 17th April 2014, 4.2 out of 5.0

Big Ant Studios has redefined the genre of cricket
Do Gaming | 8th April 2014, 85 out of 100

“this is the greatest cricket game ever produced. | 7th April 2014, 4 Stars out of 5

the best cricket game we've ever played.”
Mumbai Mirror | 14th April 2014

You might have only heard about this game through word of mouth so far as there was not any big advertising about this game despite the huge demand for it since release. However, the advertising is now starting and is now being placed with:-

The Cricket Paper (weekly)
The Cricketer Magazine
All Out Cricket Magazine
The Muslim Weekly
GamesTM back cover
Play back cover
More to follow

Online Advertising
The Cricketer
The Cricket Paper
Planet Cricket
More to follow

The Observer
GamesMaster Magazine
King Cricket
TALKSport Radio
Play Magazine
The Cricketer
Cricket Web
Cricket World
Planet Cricket
More to follow

To Order the Don Bradman Cricket 14 game - click here: Xbox 360 or PS3 

Don Bradman Cricket 14 Xbox 360Don Bradman Cricket 14 PS3

Friday, 18 April 2014

Xbox One Gift Pack to Give Away

We have an amazing Xbox One Gift Pack to give away to one lucky follower on our twitter account. 

This pack contains the following items as pictured below:

  • Xbox One Black Bag
  • Xbox One Stress ball
  • Xbox One 4GB USB wrist band
  • Xbox One Mini-Speaker with 3.5mm audio jack and a usb charge cable
  • Xbox One Black Mug with a photo of the Xbox One Console & logo in black!
  • Xbox One Sugarfree peppermint !

The USB wrist band is is super cool, I love it! I could just keep this for myself if I have a choice!

The mug in black, the logo and the photo of the XBox One console on the mug is also in black. Someone had a bad day printing this mug out as it would have thought it would be better in green to show off the photo of the Console but nevertheless it's really nice and added bit of magic.

The portable Mini-Speaker comes with a 3.5mm audio jack so you can connect to mp3/mp4 players, iPhones, iPads, mobile and pc etc... It also has a built-in rechargeable battery with a USB cable to use.

All in all is a really nice and handy gift pack. Good luck to all participants. 

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Friday, 11 April 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online Pre-release Gift Pack

As you might know the Elder Scrolls Online PC was released on 4.4.2014 with an amazing response and huge welcome from fans. 

Here are some of what were said about it:

"Perfect sauce of awesome" - MMORPG
"Skyrim with friends and the chance to wear a crown - we're sharpening our swords already" - Official Xbox Magazine
"TESO is clearly an MMO with ambition, but first and foremost it's clearly an Elder Scrolls Game" - Strategy Informer

Anyhow, we have an Amazing Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Release Gift Box to give a way to one of our Twitter followers this week - Follow us and re-tweet for a chance to win this Timeless gift box. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Release Gift Box content: 
  • A few Amazing Small Posters of the well known Logo ( For you & Friends )
  • A leaflet with details of the games, story line, overview and comments
  • A Grey Elder Scrolls Exclusive T-Shirt ( Large Size )
  • A Preview Disc (includes Screenshots, Videos, Interactive Map and Alliance Information)
  • Some Straps - (Look like bag straps, not sure what they can be used for!)
  • All that in a super cool Gift Box as shown on the image below

Also, do not forget to Pre-Order Now and Receive The Explorer's Pack at Launch:
  • Play in an alliance with with any of the nine races
  • Scuttler vanity pet
  • Exclusive treasure maps
The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 and Xbox One versions coming out in June

Tell us why you will love the Elder Scrolls online?