Friday, 30 May 2014

Win an Awesome Skylanders Kickoff Countdown Keyring Now!

Join our Twitter competition this week to win this Awesome Collectable Skylanders Kickoff Countdown Keyring.

You won't find it selling anywhere., it is a Collectable item and has been reserved for only two lucky Winners!!!

Join now and win so you can Celebrate the Summer of Football!

Don't forget to check out the Skylanders Swap Force Single Character Kickoff Countdown (Released today - 30th May 2014)

Note: The Kickoff Countdown character is the only Skylander with the head of a football !!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Hitari Social Media Weekly Competition Winners List

Meet our Social Media weekly Competitions Winners listed below.

Please note that the list will be updated each week to include new winners and the prizes they won - the list is on newest winners first order - Last updated on 22 January 2016 : 
  1. Tracey @mrstracey1972 - Halo 4 Xbox 360 Game
  2. Charlotte @TweetingCharlee - Pokemon 3DS Game with Keyboard
  3. Rebecca Fletcher @Speckles30 - Battlefield Hardline T-Shirt  
  4. Donna Michael @zetaminor - Just Cause 3 T-shirt
  5. Jen Webb @JenWebb7 - Agatha Christie ABC Murders Game
  6. Phillip.Scaldwell @phillipd1959 - Just Cause 3 T-shirt
  7. Karen @abbfie - Tropico5 Collection PC Game
  8. Claire Thomson @claireishoop - Animal Crossing Collectable Guide Book
  9. Annelouise Hall @annelie_rainbow - Battlefield Hardline T-Shirt 
  10. Martin Weeks @thelordluck Exclusive PES2016 T-Shirt  
  11. Linzi Sweet @LinziNatasha - Battlefield Hardline T-Shirt 
  12. Nicole Squires @xxnicki202xx - Battlefield Hardline T-Shirt 
  13. Abi Phillips @Abiphillips - Battlefield Hardline T-Shirt 
  14. Janice Smith @jan_duffield - Battlefield Hardline T-Shirt
  15. Ben Houghton @bennyhoughton9 - Battlefield Hardline T-Shirt  
  16. Kirsty Jones @BloodTypeChief - Battlefield Hardline T-Shirt 
  17. Scott @Chicaned02 PS4 #LovesIndies T-Shirt & lanyard
  18. Erika Holt @LacunaRaven - PS4 #LovesIndies T-Shirt & lanyard
  19. Chris Ridings @ChrisRUK - Kingdom Hearts Pin Badge
  20. Annelouise Hall @annelie_rainbow - Collectable eBay notebook
  21. Elaine Kirkup @sassyele - Collectable Diablo 3 Art notebook 
  22. Jo Harvey @jodieh1131 - Mushroom Headphones
  23. Laura Caraher @MorganSpiked - Sansui Stereo EF3 Headphones Pink
  24. Helen Greenwood @HellsBells_80 - Sansui Stereo EF3 Headphones Red
  25. Laura Avery @noynoyavery - Sansui Stereo EF3 Headphones Red
  26. Donna Marie Donna_Marie1982 - Top Spin 3 Xbox 360 Game
  27. Yvonne Brownsea @XFilesFanaticus - Skylander Giants Swarm Figure
  28. Sandy Smith @1Sandella - Sonic Generations PS3 First Edition!
  29. Lisa Prince @Lisasbeauties - Zoo Park PC Game 
  30. Fiona Johnson @FionaWupwoo - Fable Xbox 360 Game
  31. Dee Blenheim @gipsipinkZoo Park Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary PC
  32. Toni Quandt @meisafairy - Skylander Giants Swarm Character
  33. Zowee Moore @misszoweemoore - Top Spin 3 Xbox 360 Game
  34. Marie Redding @Chinnie777 - Disney Infinity 2 Power Discs Pack
  35. Ellen Darlington @emdarlington - Disney Infinity 2 Power Discs Pack
  36. Ness Gorton @baggiesbabe69 - Kane & Lynch 2 Ltd Ed PS3 Game
  37. Alison Maclean @ali991 - Sonic Generations PS3 Game
  38. Amy Walthall @amylou152 - Medal of Honor Warfighter PS3 Game
  39. Lindy Hamilton @loulindylou - Xbox One Gift Pack
  40. Agata Pokutycka @AgataPokutycka - Xbox One Gift Pack
  41. Lisa King @lisanorfolk - Xbox One Gift Pack
  42. Matt Richards @m4ttr1987 - Xbox One Gift Pack
  43. Becky Jackson-Makin @beckslayer - Xbox One Gift Pack
  44. Craig @Craphex - Kickoff Countdown Keyring 
  45. Gareth Drake @garethdrake33 - Kickoff Countdown Keyring 
  46. Emily Ryan @EmilyDanielleX - Exclusive 3DS T-Shirt
  47. Amelia @Ami4levi - Exclusive Nintendo 3DS T-Shirt
  48. James A Wright @ScarletzCaptain - Limited Mario Kart 8 Gift Pack
  49. Sammie Phillips @SammiePhillips1 - Exclusive 3DS T-Shirt
  50. Natasha Chapman @tasha6675 - Xbox One Gift Pack
  51. Dellilah @dellilah1982 - Xbox One Gift Pack
  52. Trudi Walsh @PickleNMe - Star Wars Obi-wan T-shirt
  53. Laura Emily @ferrerorocker - Skylander Swap Force Poster 
  54. Shona Mackie @shonamackie - The Elder Scrolls Online Gift Pack
  55. Jason A Watson @jaysunwatsun - Exclusive Battlefield 4 T-Shirt 
  56. Carla @Welshbybirth - Exclusive Battlefield 4 T-Shirt
  57. Tamalyn @tamalyn1 - Exclusive Battlefield 4 T-Shirt
  58. GerryRamsay @MadDonnelly - Gaming Goody Bag
  59. Mark Coltman @MarkColtman - Gaming Goody Bag
  60. Lucy Zelazowski @LondonBirdLucy - Venom Vibration XT Headset
  61. Jonny Nield @jonnydanger1980 - Minecraft Building Blocks
  62. lorna Garratt @dipsymummy - Gaming Goody Bag
  63. Alexandra Richmond @Alex_Richmond - Gaming Goody Bag
  64. Gemma Gwynne @gemmagwynne - Minecraft Building Blocks
  65. Neil Thomas @nthomasxx - Gaming Goody Bag
  66. Sam L Schofield @sam_shof - Skylander Giants Swarm Character
  67. Eileen Teo @etspeaksfrom - Gaming Goody Bag

And more to come...:)

Please let me know if I have missed anyone!

Friday, 9 May 2014

An Exclusive Mario Kart 8 Gift Pack to Give Away!

Join our Twitter competition this week (9th May 2014) to win this Exclusive Mario Kart 8 Wii U Gift Pack!

You won't find these items selling anywhere and has been provided by Nintendo for one lucky Winner!!!

The Pack contains the following items: 
  • A beautiful Yellow Mario Kart 8 T-Shirt with the picture of Mario Banana on the front and the text "Mario Kart 8" on the back with the logos of Wii U and Nintendo on each arm. The size of the T-Shirt is Large. 
  • A Wii U Notebook 
  • A Nintendo pen in white
  • A car window sticker to say "My Other car is Mario Kart 8" 
  • A Pikmin 3 Keychain - Rock Pikmin (Very rare and a collectable item!)
See pictures below for content of this gift pack: 

Preorder your copy of Mario Kart 8 Now and get another great Nintendo Title for FREE: Mario Kart 8 Wii U

Friday, 2 May 2014

Win an Exclusive Limited Collectable Nintendo 3DS Console Launch T-Shirt!

Join our Twitter competition this week to win this Exclusive Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS Console Launch T-Shirt.

You won't find it selling anywhere., it is a Collectable item and has been reserved for one lucky Winner!!!

It is a high quality Black T-Shirt, Large in Size and 100% Cotton.

The T-shirt front has a large image of the first 3DS Console in Aqua Blue with a text to say: "3DS without glasses. Believe your eyes"

The back has also a large image of the Aqua Blue 3DS Console with the release date : "I was there. 25.03.11" i.e. at the launch party!!!

(Please Note: This Competition ended on 7th May 2014)

Don't forget to check out the New range of 3DS Consoles here .

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Free Wii U Game Offer from Nintendo!

Nintendo just announced that they will be offering a FREE Wii U Game for any copy you buy of Mario Kart 8 on Wii U.

If you register your Mario Kart 8 Wii U game with Nintendo, you could then claim a free Download code for any one of 10 games below- absolutely free. Full redemption details are below.

This offer will also be amplified within the Nintendo Mario Kart  8 media campaign that will also feature TV activity around launch towards the end of May.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.