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Will Call of Duty WWII Save the World? - Video Game

Call of Duty is arguably the one of the most popular game franchise throughout the world but over the years Call of Duty has deviated further away from the gameplay elements that make it great which have resulted in a lot of backlash from the fans. After Call of Duty: Black ops II, Call of Duty games kept on becoming more sci-fi rather than about actual combat and quite frankly most new games felt like a sci-fi shooter rather than Call of Duty games fans had come to love.

Activision has taken Call of Duty games back to the roots in hopes to save the dying franchise which means that no more robots, jet packs or outer space combat. But after all the damage that has been done to the franchise can Call of Duty WWII save the series?
 Call Of Duty WWII

How Did It Come To This?

The worst point of the franchise definitely came from Infinity Ward that completely converted the game into a Crysis-esque space shooter. Needless to say, that wasn’t what any fan of the franchise wanted which resulted in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare having the second most disliked reveal trailer on YouTube.  After years of disappointment, fans expect Call of Duty World War II to deliver the “boots on ground” combat that made them fall in love with the franchise rather than more sci-fi outer space combat. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare also had 50% less sales than Call of Duty: Black Ops III which wasn’t that good either. Everything Activision has done has gone against what the players have wanted giving rise to a lot of doubt to whether Call of Duty WWII be different.

The final blow came from the immense success Battlefield 1 had thanks to it “staying on the ground” and delivering an exciting, realistic and gore-filled depiction of World War 1 which fans loved. The success of battlefield 1 coupled with the extremely bad feedback and sales seem to have finally put Activision on the right track but is it too late?

Will Call of Duty WWII Save The Franchise?

Fans – including us  – are expecting a lot from Call of Duty WWII and Activision doesn’t have enough space to mess up anymore.  Call of Duty WWII is either going to bring the series back to life or bury it once and for all. From the trailers and bits of online gameplay, as of now, we can only assume that Call of Duty WWII will have a narrative driven story campaign and a much larger multiplayer experience than any other Call of Duty game.

The campaign looks grittier, violent and hopefully will be an accurate depiction of World War II delivering more depth than generic FPS games. Activision has also added in an entirely new co-op zombie’s campaign that is sure to bring some fans the franchise has lost over the years. Can Call of Duty WWII save the franchise? Considering Activision is finally listening to the fans and giving them the game they want, Call of Duty WWII has everything that it needs to make a great Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty WWII will be at E3 2017 and we’ll keep you updated with all Call of Duty WWII leaks, rumors, and release date updates.

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

What Do We Know About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is making a comeback on the PS4 and Xbox One along with releasing on the PC for the first time which has me gotten really excited! Destiny 2 is bringing a lot of changes to the game and we’re here to let you about all the big changes coming to Destiny 2.

Competitive Overhaul: 4v4 Teams

One of the biggest changes that came to Destiny 2 was the complete overhaul of the online multiple. Destiny 2 multiplayer gameplay modes like PvP will now require only 4 players! This feels like a great move on Bungie’s end to help the community increase interaction and allow players to make new friends – even if they are shooting at you.

A Story-Driven Campaign

Destiny 2 comes with a brand new campaign that is guaranteed to get anyone excited. The Red War campaign will feature a story driven narrative and from what I can tell from the gameplay reveal have an overall darker, have more cinematic, and will finally make the characters likable – hopefully. 

Raise Your Banners; Destiny 2 Clans Are Official

If you’re someone that was part of a Clan in Destiny 1 then you’ll be happy to hear that Clans are officially supported in Destiny 2! Bungie is making a lot of changes in Destiny 2 to increase interaction between players and help the community grow which is something we all can appreciate. Destiny 2 will also have multiple tools that help you grow and style your clan. A reward system will also be used to distribute awards to every clan member regardless which member wins which makes it more than worth it to join a clan. Even if you don’t want to be in a clan they’ll still matter to you thanks to guided games. 

Need Someone To Raid With?

Bungie has introduced a new feature called Guided Games In guided games which will allow solo players and clans to play together in strikes and raids by using the new guided games feature. You can find what player or clan needs more players to play in raids or strikes and through guided games, these players will be grouped together. The number of times I had to cancel my plans for a raid in Destiny 1 was way too high but with guided games, everyone can finally enjoy Destiny's best content. It is expected heavy penalties will be placed on players that abuse the new guided game feature. According to Bungie, there's a high chance that people that play together might want to join the clan they played with further helping the community grow and interact which is something all of us can appreciate.

A Bigger Better World

One of the biggest issues with the original Destiny game was that the world felt rather small and empty. Luckily, Destiny 2 is going to be bigger, better and have a whole lot more to do in the world. The world of Destiny 2 will be filled with treasure maps and lost sectors that will make exploring the world actually fun. There will be a lot more quests and four brand new worlds - Earth, Titan, Io, and Nessus- filled with mystery for you to explore. The best part is that you can take part in all activities without having to go to orbit!

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Learn how NOT to die in The Surge - Video Game Tips and Advice

There’s a reason why The Surge is being called the Sci-fi version of Dark Souls which is simply because you die – a lot. The Surge has become infamous for its Dark Souls like gameplay and many people have pointed out the similarities between Dark Souls and The Surge.  You’ll be facing alien, robots and mutated aliens that can probably take half your health bar with a single attack. To help you out, here are some ways to how not to die in the surge. 

Learn How To Time Attacks & Finishers

First and foremost, you need to learn how to time your attacks. Mashing buttons isn’t going to help you take down enemies and you have limited stamina that won’t let your spawn infinite attacks. In the start, the maximum attacks your character can make in succession is 3 – 5 times so making these count is extremely important. If you manage to bring an enemy’s health down by 80% and have at least you’re your stamina then you can pull off an awesome finisher which will leave you vulnerable to attacks from other enemies.

Hit Them Where It Hurts

If you’re thinking that by progressing in the game you’ll find a piece of armor or a power-up that will make the game a bit more forgiving, then you’re wrong. The Surge will keep grinding you until the very end but that doesn’t mean you can’t take down enemies fast rather you can take down enemies without dying from the get go by targeting their weak spots. If the enemy’s area you’re locking onto is yellow that means it’s armored, if it’s blue it means that it is undefended and takes more damage from attacks.

One Enemy At A Time

If you’ve ever played a souls game then you know how bad it can get when facing a mob of characters. This holds true for the Surge as well. If you get surrounded by enemies, even if you have to take on two enemies chances are you’re going to die. Always take enemies down one at a time and if you find yourself being pushed into a corner – run as fast as you can. Taking enemies down one at a time means you can focus on getting better armor and gain more experience.

Get Good Armor

I’ll let you know this upfront, better armor doesn’t mean you’ll be able to take down any enemy you want. No matter how strong your armor gets, there will still be enemies that can take out more than half your health in a single attack throughout the game. Getting better armor does raise the chance of survival and lets you take more hits. By farming for materials for the crafting system and an upgrade system in the early game to gain better armor which can make the game a “bit” more forgiving.


I can’t stress this point enough but if you want to make it through to the end you’ll have to learn the games mechanics, enemy attack patterns and boss patterns. Learning the enemy’s combo patterns is absolutely crucial unless you want to keep dying over and over again. Unlike Dark Souls, the “hit-and-run” strategy isn’t very effective since most enemies can cover the distance in a short time which is why learning enemy attack patterns is the only way you can make it through to the end.

Written by Hitari Editorial Team.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Top Tips on how to Store and Care for your Sony PlayStation VR Headset

If you own a PlayStation VR Headset then you need to know how to properly care for the device. It's an expensive piece of hardware that could easily break if you handle or store it wrong. Here are some top tips and useful accessories to ensure your PSVR headset stays in top working order.


It's tempting to not purchase a carry case for the PSVR but not doing so places your headset at risk of breakage. Even if you don't plan to take your headset anywhere, owning a VR Storage Carry Case allows you to keep your headset in a protective case.

This VR Storage Carry Case uses a 'hard' outer shell that protects the PlayStation VR and makes it very difficult to damage the device. There are no officially created cases from Sony but all of these cases are able to protect the PSVR from damage.

VR Storage Carry Case for PS4 Virtual Reality Headset

Headset Stand

While a hard case is great for storing a PlayStation VR headset, a headset stand is an alternative option for storing the device while putting it on display.

This Universal VR Headset Stand and Organiser is very presentable as the PSVR fits nicely on the stand. Gamers who want to put their PSVR on display should look at getting a headset stand instead of a carry case.

Universal VR Stand And Organiser for PS4 Virtual Reality Headset


When you first get a PlayStation VR you should look at getting a PSVR Starter Kit which contains a range of useful items to keep the Sony device in tip top condition.

This Playstation VR Starter kit comes with a cleaning cloth, lens protectors, a cable tidy and also a silicone jacket for the PS4 controller. A kit like this one contains everything you need to keep the new Sony VR headset in a good condition.

PlayStation VR Starter Kit
Please feel free to leave your comments and ideas on how to store and protect your VR Headsets.