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Learn how NOT to die in The Surge - Video Game Tips and Advice

There’s a reason why The Surge is being called the Sci-fi version of Dark Souls which is simply because you die – a lot. The Surge has become infamous for its Dark Souls like gameplay and many people have pointed out the similarities between Dark Souls and The Surge.  You’ll be facing alien, robots and mutated aliens that can probably take half your health bar with a single attack. To help you out, here are some ways to how not to die in the surge. 

Learn How To Time Attacks & Finishers

First and foremost, you need to learn how to time your attacks. Mashing buttons isn’t going to help you take down enemies and you have limited stamina that won’t let your spawn infinite attacks. In the start, the maximum attacks your character can make in succession is 3 – 5 times so making these count is extremely important. If you manage to bring an enemy’s health down by 80% and have at least you’re your stamina then you can pull off an awesome finisher which will leave you vulnerable to attacks from other enemies.

Hit Them Where It Hurts

If you’re thinking that by progressing in the game you’ll find a piece of armor or a power-up that will make the game a bit more forgiving, then you’re wrong. The Surge will keep grinding you until the very end but that doesn’t mean you can’t take down enemies fast rather you can take down enemies without dying from the get go by targeting their weak spots. If the enemy’s area you’re locking onto is yellow that means it’s armored, if it’s blue it means that it is undefended and takes more damage from attacks.

One Enemy At A Time

If you’ve ever played a souls game then you know how bad it can get when facing a mob of characters. This holds true for the Surge as well. If you get surrounded by enemies, even if you have to take on two enemies chances are you’re going to die. Always take enemies down one at a time and if you find yourself being pushed into a corner – run as fast as you can. Taking enemies down one at a time means you can focus on getting better armor and gain more experience.

Get Good Armor

I’ll let you know this upfront, better armor doesn’t mean you’ll be able to take down any enemy you want. No matter how strong your armor gets, there will still be enemies that can take out more than half your health in a single attack throughout the game. Getting better armor does raise the chance of survival and lets you take more hits. By farming for materials for the crafting system and an upgrade system in the early game to gain better armor which can make the game a “bit” more forgiving.


I can’t stress this point enough but if you want to make it through to the end you’ll have to learn the games mechanics, enemy attack patterns and boss patterns. Learning the enemy’s combo patterns is absolutely crucial unless you want to keep dying over and over again. Unlike Dark Souls, the “hit-and-run” strategy isn’t very effective since most enemies can cover the distance in a short time which is why learning enemy attack patterns is the only way you can make it through to the end.

Written by Hitari Editorial Team.

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