Sunday, 31 July 2016

Is Pokemon Go Causing Fatal Harms?

Pokemon Go is a highly addictive and attractive mobile game for all iOS and android users. This is a really interesting game that makes you travel between the real world where you live and the virtual world of Pokemon in order to find as many Pokemons as you can. Basically, this makes you forget the difference between reality and appearance. Wow! You look into the real settings but through your mobile screen. After all, you cannot find Pokemon out of your device. The setting may be real but Pokemons are never so. So, while you search for the Pokemons in various locations like water, road and forest, you don’t actually look into them resulting in unimaginable situations. For example, there was one player who found a real dead body while looking for a Pokemon in water!  Is the aim of the game to get you gifts like that?!

As Pokemons approach nearer, your smart phone will vibrate to let you know. Once you've encountered a Pokemon, take aim on your smartphone's touch screen and throw a Poké Ball to catch it. Be careful when you try to catch it, or it might run away! Also look for PokéStops located at interesting places, such as public art installations, historical markers, and monuments, where you can collect more Poké Balls and other items. The game does not show you the location of each character, you will just have to walk around and find them. However, there have been a few websites popping up recently that revealed all the Pokemons locations such as PokeVision and Poke Radar which the makers of PokemonGo are understandably unhappy about and looking to get them shut down soon!

Undoubtedly, after the game came into being, it won million hearts and a huge number of fans started installing the game in their mobiles. But, at the same time, we cannot ignore the incidents that this addictive game caused. There are reports of players getting tracked by criminals and robbers and coming to know about it only after they lost their valuables. Similarly, there are cases of road accidents while players tried crossing the road fully engrossed in the game. Hence, while creating interest on one hand, this addictive game is leading to so many fatal consequences. So, who will take the responsibility of the harms brought about by this game? Therefore, should it be banned? Well, this is a million dollar question the answer to which is too tough to work out. 

Whatever may be the case, because of the great craze of this game, new 3DS Pokemon games will be launched this year namely Pokemon Moon Nintendo 3DS Game and Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS Game. Both of these role-playing video games are certainly the biggest release heading the 3DS Games titles this year with an unimaginable hype of fans and trends. Nintendo has also announced that the game will include for the first time nine languages and also there will be a ‘fan edition’ that includes steel-book cases, a collectable item for all Pokemon lovers to look forward to. Yet, these new games will not include the dangers that are looping behind the PokemonGo Game as these are a story setting role-play games on Nintendo 3DS Consoles and there will also be a special limited edition Pokemon 3DS XL Console released at the same time in November 2016. As a fan of all Pokemon series I can not wait to welcome these Pokemon Sun and Moon new to the series with open arms although some might have some reservations which we will discuss another time! 

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Where Eagles Die Comic DLC on Carmageddon Max Damage Game

Each customer who pre-ordered Carmageddon Max Damage Game will get 2 codes (one format specific [Car Bundle] to go with the format which they purchase and 1 GENERIC [Where Eagles Die Comic code in addition)

Carmageddon MAX Damage Car Bundle - Only for Xbox One DLC codes
Carmageddon MAX Damage GENERIC Where Eagle Die Comic DLC codes

Carmageddon Max Damage PS4 Game with BONUS Pre-Order ContentCarmageddon Max Damage Xbox One Game with BONUS Pre-Order Content

The instructions for the 'Where Eagles Die Comic' DLC code are as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. If you already have a account, login and move to step 5.
  3. Click on the "Register" link and fill in your details
  4. You will be sent an email for verification
  5. Check your email inbox for an email from "Carmageddon". Click the link in the email to verify your account

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Hearts of Iron IV Colonel Edition Release Keys Update!

This is an update regarding the Hearts of Iron IV Colonel Edition PC and its release keys. 

Due to German law, the one available is a censored version of the game for German customers.

Hearts of Iron IV Colonel Edition PC Game

How does this affect the keys you already purchased?

The keys that you have are open world wide and will work in all countries expect Germany (exception to any region activation locked keys that you might have, which will only be activated accordingly to the region it is locked to).

Hope this helps someone!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What's Wrong with Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets?!

Virtual Reality is closer than ever and is introducing new and developing technology advancement. It has been trying to make our fantasies as real as a computer can do while standing or sitting making us feel that we really are in this world, and we really are doing this and that. Scientists have been working on developing the most realistic simulated worlds using virtual reality technology. A requirement for such environment is a computer that will be able to project a 3D world that looks as real as possible. The programs should also be able to track user's movements to adjust to the environment accordingly in order to give the user the feeling of total immersion into the virtual environment called telepresence. Telepresence is the standard measure of virtual reality that will give users the impression that he is no longer in his own world thus giving the VR experience.

Virtual Reality headset or goggles are the most common form of VR devices that looks like a visor that wraps entirely around the normal field of the user's vision. It then projects a three-dimensional world replacing what the user would normally see. When users tilt their head or move their body, the display will also move to match the user's movement, creating the illusion to the user that he or she is actually inside that virtual world giving them the VR experience.

In virtual reality headsets or virtual reality goggles, the quality of the display is vital. A good VR system should have an excellent image resolution and high sound quality which will give users an outstanding experience with VR headsets.  Scientists are also developing a Virtual Reality feature called Haptic systems that lets the user touch a virtual feedback. A great example would be virtual tennis tournament, in this game the user can actually feel that he or she is holding a tennis racket. 

Computer and video games have been the focus for developing VR's, and we are now starting to feel and see its development. Since the early years, developers have been trying their best to create computer and video games with high graphics that will give players the feeling that they are in the game. There are more and more games being developed in a high-quality image that can be entirely played in VR that lets players experience the game more realistically.  The Sims, a popular game all over the world allows users to have a virtual life in which they can control everything and be successful. There are also games that allow players to interact with the virtual world with the use of other devices. An entry level VR Headsets is now available on Hitari website iCandy Virtual Reality Goggles that will let users feel like they are fighting someone or shooting someone in front of them. The icandy virtual reality goggles have a 163mm wide and 83mm high screen size that is compatible with IOS phones and Android phones that can load vast amount of games from the app store and Google play making it easier to choose and download games. It is lightweight that lets user have realistic simulated environment experience.

With the rising of virtual technology, most people especially parents’ fear that their children develop some negative social effects of VR, and some argue that VR may bring people much closer to the world. The problem is even today, almost all young people that share both physical and virtual communities’ uses smartphones and devices to keep in touch.  Virtual reality goggles have their own advantages and disadvantages like any other devices being invented; we just have to make sure that we can balance reality from a virtual world. The positive thing about virtual reality headset is, players don't just have to sit all the time while playing, VR headsets let users play while standing and moving their body.

A VR if used correctly and professionally can help children development by reacting to their actions. People with anxiety and depression can also use virtual reality headset to help them relax and get positive energy. Employees that are living in different countries can also use it for work by wearing it during a meeting or conference, giving them the feeling that they are in the actual venue and making communication much easier. With these capabilities, it will not be impossible to create products virtually and change them without building and scraping it.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Destiny Taken King - New Challenges New Rewards and New Live Updates!

Here is a new update for Destiny Taken King which is now available!

This is a great update at no extra cost.

The Update Details as follow: 

NEW CHALLENGESNew Campaign Mission
Return to the Prison of Elders, New Taken Arena & Challenge Mode
New Strike, The Blighted Chalice
Reprised Strike, Winters Run

NEW REWARDSMax Light Level raised to 335
Updated Exotics and Legendries
Updated Faction and Prison of Elders Gear
New Chroma Gear – further customisation
New Vanity Gear Sets – including New Taken Themed Gear
New Sterling Treasure – Obtain 3 per week

NEW LIVE UPDATESUpdates to the Warlock Class
Higher Light Iron Banner & Trials of Osiris Gear
Balance & Playlist Updates
Increased Vault Space

Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition PS4Destiny The Taken King - Legendary Edition Xbox One Game

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hurricane Steering Wheel and Pedals Instruction amended for PS4 Console

On A previous blog post, we mentioned the In-Game Control set up for the Hurricane Steering Wheel and Pedals PS4

However, there has been some instruction updates in setting up the Venom Hurricane Steering Wheel for PS4. Check the section in the instructions about firmware updates that you may need to follow:

Click here to Download the New Instruction Manual

There are also some compatibility issues with 1TB PS4 system C-Chassis (CUH-1200) model. We now include a USB hub in the box which resolves the problem and the steps to resolve this issues are as follow:. 

  1. First start by connecting the USB Hub (supplied) into any spare port on your PS4 system.
  2. Then connect the USB plug from your Hurricane Steering Wheel into any spare port on the USB Hub.
  3. Now continue to follow the main instructions for Connection & Installation.
If you have already purchased this PS4 model and do not have have a USB hub, please get in touch with us via email ( ) and we will arrange for one to be sent to you.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Hurricane Steering Wheel and Pedals PS4 - In-Game Control Setup Guide

Here is a list of the games that we know the Hurricane Steering Wheel with Pedals for PS4 / PS3 might not work properly with and some guidance on how to use it with these games.

  • The Crew PS4 (With this you have to use automatic gears)
  • Need for Speed PS4 Games (You have to use automatic gears, also there are some pedal issues on PS3)
  • Grand Turismo  (You have to use automatic gears, also there are some pedal issues on PS3)
There may be some issues with Project Cars PS4, but we are not 100% sure so if anyone has tested this with this game please confirm your findings.

It's not all Bad though, it is only 3-4 games that might have issues but the good news is the Hurricane Steering Wheel works fine with other PS3 / PS4 Racing and Car games including for sure Drive Club PS4 and F1 2015 PS4 as these were tested and confirmed working perfectly fine. 

It should be noted that you will need to change the control settings in game for the above two games and the instructions are as follow: 

Drive Club PS4
When in a race pause the game > setting > controls > dualshock4wireless controller > Button Configuration. Then change gear up to R1, Gear Down to L1 and make sure that there are no button clashes.

F1 2015 PS4
When in a race pause the game > Settings > Customise Controls > Driving Controls > Press Square > Gear Up to R1 > Gear Down L1 and make sure that there are no button clashes
The product manufacturer Venom is committed to improve their product and will hopefully eliminate the majority of faults that have come up and they will keep us informed of any software/firmware updates to ensure compatibility with as many racing games as possible.

Over all, it's a great PS4/PS3 essential product, officially licensed by Sony and reasonably priced with direct support from the manufacturer! 

If you have any further details to share please feel free to leave your comments below. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Skylanders vs Disney Infinity vs Amiibo - A Battle of Characters!

Back in 2011 the Skylanders figures hit a bemused market.  Who would want a system where you had to place physical images of your gaming characters on a ‘Portal of Power’ and use Near Field Communications (NFC) just to make them come alive in your game?  As it turned out, many gamers were intrigued by the notion and despite being slated for the lack of on-line multiplayer options, the system was well received by players and the gaming industry in general. The so called Toy-to-Life concept started with  Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures but soon started to produce other titles as the gaming public too it.  The initial foray was quickly followed up with Skylanders Giants, Skylanders Swapforce, and Skylanders Trap team and the franchise started making serious money.  Plainly there was a market to be filled with these characters, and others were swift to follow on with the Skylanders success.

Disney quickly followed up on the success of Skylanders with its own Infinity system.  It featured a huge array of figurines taken from films as diverse as Pirates of the Caribbean to Monsters Inc. and followed a similar arrangement of NCF interface to the Skylanders game.  By swapping figurines on the connected base, you could introduce alternate players into the video game. Disney followed up on the game with Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes a couple of years later to huge approval from the market.  However cranky the system might have looked when Skylanders first launched, it was an undeniable success.

It was that success that led Japanese company Nintendo to develop the Amiibo system in 2014 in a bid to take on the might of the other two systems.  Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and what works for one games may not be what another is looking for in an NFC system.  Here we offer an honest appraisal of all three in several categories.

The three systems split into two distinct sections here, with the Skylanders and Disney offerings using the standard NFC interface. Allowing fast swap-out between the characters.   There are a couple of distinct differences between the two though, with the latest version of Skylanders – the Trap team variant - allows capture of enemies via trap crystals, adding them to your own roster.  The Disney Infinity system has a true sandbox feature allowing the player to construct their own adventures featuring any character they own.   The Amiibo system is designed for use with the Wii U and the characters are activated by pressing them against the Wii U gamepad.  Once done, your character can be imported into Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, or Hyrule Warriors Wii U Games.  This are the only three games that currently support the system though Nintendo is working hard to increase the player base with more titles.

So in terms of flexibility and gameplay, the Disney system tends to edge ahead of the Skylanders and both are way ahead of the Amiibo system, but watch this space as it could all change in the future.

The Skylanders starter pack tends to be the most expensive of the three systems and is part of the game package and includes the base which you need to run as a minimum.  Additional figures are sold as either packs of three or two and a new game level.  There is also a roaring trade in preowned figures and with the Skylanders system getting on for five years old, there are plenty of second hand figures available out there.

Disney is the cheapest of all three but generally less than the Skylanders.  If you shop around you can find some amazing deals that really do make it a much more affordable toy.  The starter kit generally comes with two figures – that’ll be Merida and Stitch for the Toy Box 2.0 series or Iron Man and Black Widow for the Marvel Superheroes set.  Additional figures can be purchased individually or as playsets which give you two additional figures and extra story levels.

Amiibo figures are sold individually and are not associated with any particular games, and increase functionality of those figures within the games they are played in. For example, Hyrule Warriors Wii U will work either with or without Amiibo, but by adding the system, you will get further features and gameplay. The price is slightly higher than Disney but as a collector of these figures, they may well be worth a lot in the future – same can be said about Disney characters – these are the characters we will grow to watch and love and they will probably exist forever!

Fun Factor.
The Skylanders system is fun and easy to use.  Swapping characters is effortless and seamless within the game, making it a gas to play.  While the in-game characters may not be a instantly recognizable as the Disney or Nintendo characters, they have a certain charm and are likely to become collectable by those using it, so players will strive to complete the whole series, and with over 300 figures available, that could amount to a serious outlay.  And it is unlikely that it’ll stop anytime soon with more figures and increased variants in gameplay, so those who have already laid out for the system are only going to keep going.

The Disney system is just as good as the Skylanders one in terms of flawless gameplay and the figures obviously have the appeal of being well-known, they are finite in number and if the system is going to keep going, it will be via gameplay tweaks rather than by increasing characters endlessly.  But the good folk at Disney studios are certainly up to the task and the system is likely to see some really interesting updates for years to come.

The Amiibo is the new kid on the block and while it’s still in its infancy in terms of characters, Nintendo is likely to want to catch up with the others quickly, so you can bet that they will throw everything they have at the problem.  The main problem with the Amiibo is that it is essentially an enhancement to existing games rather than creating new games.

Where to spend your money.
All three systems have their pros and cons but gaming on all three systems is fast and fun, though undeniably enhanced in the sandbox modes of the Disney and Skylanders versions. Plainly the Amiibo system is at a severe disadvantage as it is so new and is so different from the other two.  You can’t help thinking that if Nintendo had copied – within the confines of Intellectual Property rights – the Skylanders and Disney systems and used their well known characters such as Mario and Zelda within a sandbox environment, it might have greater appeal, but perhaps the fact that it is different will be its making.That said, the figures work well in a number of associated programs and that number will only grow as Nintendo broaden their base, which will probably make the Amiibo system a lot more flexible as time passes.

If you are already a system owner – or the parent of a system owner - then you will appreciate the financial outlay associated with owning it, and are unlikely to want to start investing in one of the others as well as funding one you already own.  If you are new to the genre, then you are in for a treat and a not insubstantial decision as you try and figure out the best suited to your budget. In the end, it’s likely to come down to personal preference for characters or systems that you already own, but one thing is for certain, you will begin an experience that will keep you entertained for many years to come.  All of the systems will see future updates and expansions so really, whatever you choose, the potential is huge most likely be sticking around for a long time – If you are still undecided please do not hesitate to contact Hitari Customer Care via email address ( who will be be happy to help!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Getting the most out of your Gaming Console - Tips and Tricks!

You’ve torn off the wrapping and now it sits before you; your new console is a wonder to behold.  You’ve read the reviews and you know what it can do.  All you want to do now is start playing, but hold on a minute, this is a device that has so many more facets than the previous generation; are you sure that you are really getting the most out of your console?

The Xbox One has been designed as more of a total entertainment system than the PS4, but they both have a swag of tips and tricks that can make using them a far more immersive experience.  Before you just play it, see what other things you can do with it.  For example:

Get free games for Xbox One.  The Xbox store has loads to download, and with many games in beta form, you get to try before you actually commit to spending a significant amount on it.  Some games need a gold account while others are completely free, but all of them are likely to give you a good idea of what you will be getting.

Use your smartphone as a keyboard on PS4.  Entering text strings has always been a bit laborious, even with a dedicated keyboard, but now you can pair your smartphone with your console using the same PSN ID number, you can use your phone to input text on the second screen option.  Just hit the keyboard icon and you are away.

Stream games to your PS Vita.  Inputting text is not the only thing that you can do with a paired PSN ID; you can stream whatever game is spinning on the PS4 to your PS Vita handheld console, so Destiny in the bath is a distinct possibility.

Show the world your best bits.  Xbox One has a wonderful side app that allows you to record and save the last thirty seconds of gameplay, so if you’ve just performed a full 720 double kickflip and Pop shove it, you just yell ‘Record it!’ at your One and save it to prove the fact to unbelieving friends.

Get your Save Games anywhere.  With an internet connection, you can access your save games from any Xbox One console, as all of them are saved to cloud storage.  That means that if you can access the cloud, you can also reach your save points, so pick up where you were round your friend’s house!

Share your feats online with PS4.  The Sony console has both Ustream and Twitch installed you can share your gaming adventures with friends over the internet.  The built-in share button allows you to either stream your gameplay on either of the platforms, or add straight from the PS4 camera.  Depending upon which game you are playing, connected viewers are also able to add commentary on your exploits.

Play your PS4 Games on Xbox One.  While it’s not an ideal situation, you can connect your PlayStation through your Xbox via the HDMI connector.  Not sure what advantages it brings but hell, it’s exciting!

 The new generation consoles have so much to offer in terms of connectivity and apps that it would take ages to cover them all.  Some aspects are better than others, but you can be sure that you will continue to be amazed for some time to come.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Disney Infinity 2.0 Superheroes of Choice

Charging around Manhattan with a Mjolnir firmly in my grip and lofted above, I feel I can take on anyone and anything, though the Ice Giants rumbling towards me might take a bit of a beating.  I am Thor, Norse God extraordinaire, and they are going to wish they had stayed in Asgaard.  Hang on tight; Disney Infinity has gone all Marvel Superheroes!

The current craze with Skylander-type figures continues unabated, with more companies planning similar game types, and Disney now cashing in on its previous success with Disney Infinity 2.0: MarvelSuperheroes. For those not fully up to date with this gaming trend, the figures are mounted on a supplied base and then become major figures within the game.  Swapping figures on the base also swaps them on the screen, so you can switch as you like through the storyline.  The pack comes with game discs which can be stacked under your selected figurine to add new features and abilities to the play character. The whole lot adds up to tons of fun!

While the whole Marvel set consists of Iron Man, Loki, Hulk, Falcon, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye, the starter kit comes only with Thor Iron Man and Black widow, with the other characters costing around £19.99 each.  The pack also comes with the Disney Infinity base on which to mount your play figures, a play set piece, two toybox game discs, and a webcode card.  The whole package adds up to hours of fun, which is expandable with new figures from the range and extra game discs. 

The game has a story mode – something to do with stopping Loki and his army of Frost Giants from levelling New York – which is only a few hour of gameplay and actually quite a weak part of the overall experience.  Where this the only means of using the Disney Infinity kit then it would get a big suck from this reviewer, but it’s not and the real genius behind the system is the Toy Box mode which allows you to construct, destroy, and reconstruct till your heart’s content.  But a little caution is needed here; while the Toy Box is a hugely fun element to the overall game, it’s also pretty complex, with options laid on options so it takes a fair bit of practice to be able to make something that not only looks good but is also fun to play.  Once you build, you can insert your players via the figure stand and create all sorts of side games and adventures.  You can get varying levels of help from the system and at the start it is well accepted as it gives you the opportunity to see what can be achieved.

Disney Infinity 2.0 is a great game but one that is a little flawed.  It has flaws in the pedestrian storyline, it had flaws in the powerful Toy Box mode in as much as it’s not as easy to use as you would hope, and it has flaws which seem to make it freeze and crash randomly.  Those are pretty big issues, but even when considering them, the whole package comes out on the plus side.  The game is hugely fun to play and with game discs adding an almost infinite number of alteration to the basic play, one that many will be playing for months to come.