Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What's Wrong with Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets?!

Virtual Reality is closer than ever and is introducing new and developing technology advancement. It has been trying to make our fantasies as real as a computer can do while standing or sitting making us feel that we really are in this world, and we really are doing this and that. Scientists have been working on developing the most realistic simulated worlds using virtual reality technology. A requirement for such environment is a computer that will be able to project a 3D world that looks as real as possible. The programs should also be able to track user's movements to adjust to the environment accordingly in order to give the user the feeling of total immersion into the virtual environment called telepresence. Telepresence is the standard measure of virtual reality that will give users the impression that he is no longer in his own world thus giving the VR experience.

Virtual Reality headset or goggles are the most common form of VR devices that looks like a visor that wraps entirely around the normal field of the user's vision. It then projects a three-dimensional world replacing what the user would normally see. When users tilt their head or move their body, the display will also move to match the user's movement, creating the illusion to the user that he or she is actually inside that virtual world giving them the VR experience.

In virtual reality headsets or virtual reality goggles, the quality of the display is vital. A good VR system should have an excellent image resolution and high sound quality which will give users an outstanding experience with VR headsets.  Scientists are also developing a Virtual Reality feature called Haptic systems that lets the user touch a virtual feedback. A great example would be virtual tennis tournament, in this game the user can actually feel that he or she is holding a tennis racket. 

Computer and video games have been the focus for developing VR's, and we are now starting to feel and see its development. Since the early years, developers have been trying their best to create computer and video games with high graphics that will give players the feeling that they are in the game. There are more and more games being developed in a high-quality image that can be entirely played in VR that lets players experience the game more realistically.  The Sims, a popular game all over the world allows users to have a virtual life in which they can control everything and be successful. There are also games that allow players to interact with the virtual world with the use of other devices. An entry level VR Headsets is now available on Hitari website iCandy Virtual Reality Goggles that will let users feel like they are fighting someone or shooting someone in front of them. The icandy virtual reality goggles have a 163mm wide and 83mm high screen size that is compatible with IOS phones and Android phones that can load vast amount of games from the app store and Google play making it easier to choose and download games. It is lightweight that lets user have realistic simulated environment experience.

With the rising of virtual technology, most people especially parents’ fear that their children develop some negative social effects of VR, and some argue that VR may bring people much closer to the world. The problem is even today, almost all young people that share both physical and virtual communities’ uses smartphones and devices to keep in touch.  Virtual reality goggles have their own advantages and disadvantages like any other devices being invented; we just have to make sure that we can balance reality from a virtual world. The positive thing about virtual reality headset is, players don't just have to sit all the time while playing, VR headsets let users play while standing and moving their body.

A VR if used correctly and professionally can help children development by reacting to their actions. People with anxiety and depression can also use virtual reality headset to help them relax and get positive energy. Employees that are living in different countries can also use it for work by wearing it during a meeting or conference, giving them the feeling that they are in the actual venue and making communication much easier. With these capabilities, it will not be impossible to create products virtually and change them without building and scraping it.

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