Saturday, 16 April 2016

Destiny Taken King - New Challenges New Rewards and New Live Updates!

Here is a new update for Destiny Taken King which is now available!

This is a great update at no extra cost.

The Update Details as follow: 

NEW CHALLENGESNew Campaign Mission
Return to the Prison of Elders, New Taken Arena & Challenge Mode
New Strike, The Blighted Chalice
Reprised Strike, Winters Run

NEW REWARDSMax Light Level raised to 335
Updated Exotics and Legendries
Updated Faction and Prison of Elders Gear
New Chroma Gear – further customisation
New Vanity Gear Sets – including New Taken Themed Gear
New Sterling Treasure – Obtain 3 per week

NEW LIVE UPDATESUpdates to the Warlock Class
Higher Light Iron Banner & Trials of Osiris Gear
Balance & Playlist Updates
Increased Vault Space

Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition PS4Destiny The Taken King - Legendary Edition Xbox One Game

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