Saturday, 9 February 2013

Latest Bioshock: Infinite and Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailers Inside!

We love trailers. We love it when they come in all different shapes and sizes and lengths and detail. We love it when they slink genially toward our inbox in increasing frequency as the launch date approaches. We even love it when they make us ask questions and look at each other in an exaggeratedly inquisitive manner as if we were staring in an infomercial. We’re not. Not yet anyway.

If you feel the same way about trailers, despite how creepy that might sound, then BOY do we have a show for you today. TWO trailers of upcoming games have been delightfully slotted in below for you to rake your excitable eyeballs over. First up, it’s the EXTENDED edition of the Aliens: Colonial Marines ‘Contact’, and it’s a tense one. Slightly less so if you’ve seen the original, but nevertheless, it’s a romp you’ll enjoy if you’re looking forward to this month’s release of the only Aliens game that ever should have been made. Barring perhaps the trilogy that appeared on the PS1 in 1996.

Have yourself a look at this and if you’ve not preordered Colonial Marines yet, it might be time to reassess your life.

Second up then, it’s everybody’s favourite underwater Ayn Rand critique Bioshock! Except this is in delicious Infinite flavour, and so instead of Rapture, we’re given the encapsulating, floating city of Columbia to traverse, mostly by zip lines apparently… This City in the Sky Trailer shows us around the very playground we’ll no doubt come to know and love in March. Bioshock fan or not, you must see this game! Click over to our page now Hitari fans! Though you should probably watch the video first. 

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