Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sony Unveil Playstation 4 at Mammoth, Game Filled Event!

It exists! It’s real! We were there! Well, almost. We were watching intently through our computer screens as just earlier this week Sony took to a New York stage, in front of packed audience of journalists, industry members and people who’d managed to smooth talk their way in, to announce the inevitable, incredible, foam-at-the-mouth excitable Playstation 4!

We were treated to two hours of people with important job titles talking up the now official next generation, with game announcements and trailers and all the extra toppings you’d expect layered on exquisitely! SO, what do we know?

Whilst we unfortunately weren’t shown the machine itself, nor did we hear of a solid release date, we were shown the controller! Similar to its Dual Shock 3 uncle, the lithe, hip new Dual Shock 4 has been reshaped ever so slightly for added ergonomic pleasure, whilst we’ve been treated to a touchpad, as had been rumoured for many months and a Share button.

Whilst cloud gaming company recently purchased by Sony Gaikai made an appearance to talk about all the instant-streaming features they’ve jammed into the console, they also spoke about the functionality of the share button, explaining how it will allow you to record videos of all your games, spectate your friend’s games and even join in the action remotely!

Whilst these features are all good and well, here at Hitari we’re ALL about the games, and we were not even slightly let down.

Killzone: Shadowfall was first out the gate looking eye-searingly beautiful, whilst Drive Club promised to let us see and feel ‘every fibre in the every car mat’, which sounds like overkill but boy did that trailer look stunning. Capcom announced what appears to be a third person action/adventure in the form of Deep Down, whilst Bungie confirmed their new IP Destiny would be heading out on the new Sony machine!

With Infamous 3, Jonathan Blow (creator of Braid)’s The Witness and a delightful looking game call Knack all shown off, it was up yo Watch Dogs to steal the show again. A blisteringly dynamic trailer won our hearts like it did at E3 last year and left us shuddering in amazement.

We’ve seen the next generation boys and girls, and it looks incredible. 

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