Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nintendo Direct Delivers Mario by the Shed Load!

It’s all in for Nintendo this week as just today they’ve delivered an astonishingly fervent start to the year, kicking of 2013 by actually getting us flipping excited about the year ahead. If you bought a Wii U over Christmas, this month’s official video made sure you made the right choice. Here then, is an abridged version of what you’ve got to look forward to, and if you want to watch the entire announcement yourself, there’s a cheeky video below. Prepare yourself Ninty fans.

Let’s get straight to it then shall we: the games. That’s what really matters here, and whilst we’ll touch upon the various other announcements Mr Satori Iwata made, they’ve definitely caused some ruckus with the games set to be seen by all this year!

In order then, the exponentially wonderful Platinum Games, who just can’t seem to do anything wrong at the moment showed off the aptly named Wonderful 101; its cartoon visuals sat well with super heroes vs giant robot aliens’ formula we all know and love. They mentioned Bayonetta 2 briefly, and even showed a behind the scenes trailer, though there was nothing ground breaking in there. We were told we’d have to wait a little while to feel the full force of this killer exclusive.

Once Platinum had been shooed off, Ninty rolled out the big guns. Whilst Smash Bros. was spoken about, we’re told to wait till E3 for the big reveal. A short spittle of disappointment was quickly extinguished with the announcement of a new Mario action game on the Wii U. Think Galaxy, but whatever they’ve got planned for its successor. We barely have time to think before Wii U Mario Kart is confirmed as existing as well, and we’ll be seeing all these at this year’s E3 as well!

Of course, we all expected Mario Kart and a new 3D Mario; what we didn’t expect was the brand new Yoshi game that followed, developed by the geniuses behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn, the shots we’re shown look similarly fabricated (in the literal sense), whilst it’s reportedly the first time Yoshi’s had his own title since 1998! Long overdue we say!

Lastly, the next Zelda game was spoken about briefly, however the major Link-related news saw us learning of a Wii U remake of the incredible Wind Waker, in glorious HD. Cor.

Whilst the launch of the Virtual Console, allowing users to buy and play old NES, SNES and soon Gameboy Advance games is a tantalizing one, as is the OS updates that improve load times and add yet another dimension to the Miiverse, we’re all about the games at Hitari, and we’ve certainly had our fill today.

If you haven’t picked a console up yet, now is most certainly the time! It seems 2013 really could be the year Nintendo return to their former glory! Stay tuned folks. 

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