Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It’s Raining Anarchy in the Hitari Offices!

Happy New Year all, how have we been Hitari readers!? Have we all recovered from the raucous New Year celebrations? Ours was mostly spent trying to decide which disc to put in the tray, there’s still a ton of stuff for us left to play from the tumultuous influx of releases we batted off the shelves last year. We’ve not even got round to playing Hitman yet! And if that’s not enough, there’s even more heading out this week! There’s also a ton of news from the Consumer Electronic Show, wherein PC giants Nvidia announced they’re hard at work on a new, high end handheld console, shocking us all into a week on Tuesday, whilst Lego Marvel Super Heroes has also been confirmed! Hoorah!

So it’s old school brawler time as Sega’s Anarchy Reigns finally, finally lands in all your letterboxes. If you’re after a game the relives the quaint PS2-era in terms of pure design nostalgia, whilst mixing in a deluge of modern gameplay accessibility, and a multiplayer mode that is inarguably a shed load of fun, then you’ll find everything you need in this bargain new release! At less than £20 it’s the steal of the year so far!

And talking of steals, if you haven’t picked up FIFA 13 yet then you might just catch it in our sale! It’s cheap as chips for footballing greatness right now, but hurry, it won’t last long!! There’s a load of great deals to be had, so make sure you’re flicking through our pages and ordering before they all run out.

Meanwhile, DmC, Dante’s Devil May Cry reboot and haircut is finally blasting his way out to you this week! Scoring a massive 8.5 from IGN, whilst Eurogamer called it ‘this generation's finest fighting games’. If you’re reading this in time, then you might just be able to squeeze in a preorder for our selection of bonuses, but if not, never fear! We are stocked and ready to deliver to your door, so hit the checkout and get ready to bring heaven hell crashing down together. Oh the excessive damage of teen angst eh!

Meanwhile, we can’t wait for the influx of titles heading our way in February that really get 2013 rolling; with Metal Gear Rising, Aliens Colonial Marines and the beautiful PS3 exclusive Ni no Kuni all heading for disc trays everywhere, looks like our confusion of what to stick in will be ever drawn out! Head over to our page and stick down a preorder for your favourites before they’re gone!   

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