Monday, 24 December 2012

The Killer 2013 Opening Line Up

2013 is going to be a cracker. We can feel it. It’s in our bones. And not only that, but it’s also in the release schedules as well, and the year hasn’t even begun! As we slot each game into its allotted launch date, it only takes a brief step back to see that it’s going to be a jam-packed year full of extravagant gaming delights enough to make you salivate yourself a bath! Disgusting impossibilities aside, let’s take a look at what you should be preordering this month!

January sees the relaunch of Devil May Cry, the demon shooting slicing dizzy-em-up from yesteryear thunders back into town riding a newly refined pushy attitude. Whilst it doesn’t take place in the same universe as any previous DmC adventures you may fondly recall, it plays very similar, retaining all that lithe accessibility that allows you to perform jaw loosening acrobatic stunts that result in your enemy being simultaneously shot, impaled and sent hurtling through the air with just a few button pushes. There’s a sprinkling of new elements involved as well, adding a strategic element to the way you direct your battles with these post-Earth nuisances!

Things hot up in February, as we see the resurgence of Dead Space, Raiden gets his own game and Aliens Colonial Marines, the game we’ve been waiting for since 2007, finally bursts through your stomach and onto shelves!

The third iteration of Dead Space looks set to send us to the snow-covered plains of Tau Volantis, where our old favourite Isaac dons his iconic suit of armour once more to go antagonise those easily-irritable Necromorphs again. With drop-in/drop-out co-op and a new cover system, Dead Space fans the world over are already quaking in their little space boots.  Metal Gear Rising Revengeance sees whiny feminine ninja  Raiden in his own game. Trust us though, Revengeance has to be played to be believed; it looks incredible and plays like the focussed, solid and innovative experience you’d expect from Platinum Games. Give it a try today by picking up the Zone of the Enders HD Edition, which includes the demo! Lastly, Aliens: Colonial Marines is every bit the corker we’ve been hoping for: we got to grips with the multiplayer back in September and they had to physically prise us off it. Excitement.

March ushers in the true return of Bioshock in the game’s third instalment; Infinite. The beautiful art style, soaring locations and the opportunity to cruise around the level on metallic zipwires, not to mention the promise of that captivating, iconic narrative back in full force, and this is a game of the year contender already! With Gears of War : Judgement and God of War Ascension ticking the exclusives boxes, we’re back in full swing by the third month of the year.

With GTA V heading out in Spring and available to preorder now, not to mention that incredible looking new Metal Gear game Ground Zeroes, this year is the most exciting prospect the industry has had in a long while. Stay tuned to Hitari for all the news and all the latest games throughout 2013!


  1. Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013. Don't waste you time purchasing the product as I have contacted Hitari about returning it because the game was not working correctly I had purchase it for Christmas and it was well in the returns time frame but because it was opened they would not accept it back so be warned they are not very helpful and will not deal with them again. I then went to activision and they to can not fix the issue it is a fault with the game and they to will not offer a refund. So be warned why offer returns and warranties on mess people around.

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    2. I am very sorry to hear about the issue you had with your order. Please contact customer service at requesting the faulty item to be returned for exchange or full refund and I am sure we can resolve this issue for you the earliest possible. I apologise again if there was any mis-communication between you and customer service but I have not got any details of your order so unable to find out exactly what happened. Please feel free to call us if it is easier for you on 0844 318 9601 - Thank you