Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Hitari 2012 in Gaming

It’s finally that time again Hitari blog readers! Christmas is upon us and as such, it’s time to take a reflective glance back at the WILD RIDE that was 2012. If there’s anything you’ve missed out on this year, Christmas is an excellent time to demand you be reimbursed by the more generous members of your family; point them in our direction, and you can flick old Queeny over for a bit of Dishonored come Christmas day! Here’s our 2012 in the form of a tumultuous scrawling!

It’s been a right old year really hasn’t it, when you take a good hard look at it. We’ve had no less than TWO new pieces of hardware, we’ve had a number of residual 3’s hitting the shelves after last year’s unending torrential downpour of threequels, Mass Effect and Max Payne among them; we’ve heard no end of rumours about new consoles, we got Smartglass for our Xbox so we can call it up, we got a shiny new Playstation Store not to mention an even shinier new Playstation SUPER Slim; we even learned that 343 Industries don’t do a half bad job of Halo. Skylanders doubled in size, whilst Lego’s Lord of the Rings entry was surely only matched by the appearance of The Hobbit at the cinema. And even better the Moshi Monsters made their return to our screens in their theme park based outing! Great fun all round.

If you picked up a Vita at the start of the year, there are finally some great titles out now and heading out in the direction of the powerful little fellow, with Black Ops Declassified, the series’ portable debut for this new age of handhelds, EA’s latest Need for Speed: Most Wanted AND Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation all sat in our stock room and flying off our shelves at a dangerous velocity: high quality gaming on the go, that doesn’t involve hurling displeased fowl around , is now possible! Oddworld is on its way too, along with Earth Defence Force 2017 and Final Fantasy Type-0, so next year is already looking jam-packed; the perfect time to pick up a portable? Oh we think so.

Sliding on down to the opposite end of the year then and the Wii U launched to the insatiable applauding of fans and new-Ninty-nibblers alike. With its second screen delivering all the fun, let us know how you’re having fun with yours this Christmas! Got it out for the family to see? Perhaps getting everyone involved with your favourite arm flailing dancing game? We want to see pictures and we want to hear stories: who knows what we’ll do for the best ones! There’s a comments section below just for you guys! Further than that, there’s all sorts heading out next year, with the Wii U finally able to take on the Xbox and Playstation in terms of raw power, all the great new games that have been announced for start of next year will be sidling out on the Nintendo offering too. And of course, we’ll inevitably hear from Mario and his Karting friends at some point, so stay tuned Mario maniacs.

We’ll have a further look at everything that’s heading our way next year next time, but that’s it for now! Thanks for a great year everybody and from the whole team at Hitari, Merry Christmas! 

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