Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Hitari Paparazzi: PreOrders, The Wii U, Far Cry 3 and More!

Good news Hitari blog readers! We now come complete with a pre-orders page! Which, by anyone’s standards, is extremely fancy. Point your cursor toward the Pre Order Zone in our navigation menu on the left hand side of the home page and you’ll be transported to a realm of upcoming gaming extravaganzas! Have a click through our list and see if you can’t find something you, or that special someone in your life, will want to tear open on Christmas Day, silently shun the family and sit in a room in festive bliss until dinner time! We’re pretty sure you’ll find just the ticket.

And the good news is, there’s a ton of new releases on their way this week! Most prominently of all, of course, is the tangibly excitable Wii U. Launching with a tumultuous array of titles, from the old reliable New Super Mario Bros. U to the incredible Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition to the mini-game merriment of Nintendoland; have a look through our deals on the PreOrders page and find your perfect package. We’ve made sure there’s something for everyone there, but there’s no need to thank us. Just make sure we’re on your Christmas list.

Across the way, hang gliding on to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC also this Friday, is the third instalment in the prestigious Far Cry series. And have you seen the reviews? Whilst the first was a humdinger for its time, the second left a little to be desired, but we can confirm that Far Cry 3 settles all debts and is one of the most polished and complete open world games you’ll play! Again, hit up our pre-orders page, and secure your copy for release day today!

And, if your tastes are slightly further abroad, we’ve also got the legendary Zone of the Enders, heading out to post boxes in delicious HD flavour for the astonishing price of just £22.99! Get in on this one while you can, and remember, you’ll get access to the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo when you pick up your copy!

That’s all from us today, but keep checking back for updates!

Happy gaming!

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