Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nuke Town map on Call of Duty Black Ops II availability issue explained

here has been confusion overnight around the availability of the Nuke Town map on Call of Duty Black Ops II, as of this morning, a playlist called “Chaos Moshpit” has been added which includes the most hectic maps in the game along with Nuke Town 2025. If any consumers are unable to locate the map in multiplayer matchmaking, this is the place to send them as the map is included in this playlist specifically. It can be found by going to the “BONUS” playlist menu when in multiplayer mode, then selecting “Chaos Moshpit”.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the map is part of a playlist containing multiple maps as options to be selected, and as such, Nuketown 2025 is not always guaranteed to appear or be selected. The full map rundown is:

Chaos Moshpit
Nuketown 2025

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