Saturday, 11 May 2013

Advertising Video Games on TV is DEAD!

Video Game TV Advertising has fallen by 44% says MCV's Christopher Dring

Has TV lost its marketing influence or is the video games market in decline?  

Taking into account the overall TV ad market has grown significantly and since 2012 Video Game advertising has dropped from 35% to a shocking 44% ... it maybe safe to say it's a Video Game issue.

According to Google, video games are the second most popular category on Youtube, so could the games market be shifting online?

"TV's starting to be seen as a bit of blunt object verses the fine targeting that's available online" Says Twitch TV Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Simpson-Bint.

It would be naive to assume things like online networking do not contribute significantly towards Video Game hype, but TV is and always will be the greatest authority for the establishing a "brand".   

"You can also rest assured that the quality of the content within which your (TV) ad will be aired will be of a very high level" 

"My Biggest Concern with on-line advertising is that of control. Who's viewing the Ad? What comments are being made below in an open forum? Will there be a backlash from parents of children watching inappropriate content? Anyone who wants control over the way their brand is being percieved, is always taking a risk in the online space." Says Andrew Mallandaine (Sales Director at Turner Media Innovations).

It's safe to say TV embraces a sense of trust and familiarity that the online world still seems to be falling short on, but it is clear that the marketers biggest concern is the lack of control. Unfortunately times change and so does your ability micro manage everything.

If the games marketing world is forced to existed solely online, then this could possibly influence better  services. Lets face it, the only reason marketers are concerned is because they don't want negative feedback reaching too many potential customers. 


  1. Maybe in the UK, but here in the USA it is still going strong. At least it seems that way.

  2. Didn't even notice this. I'm actually pretty sick of all these lame adverts seeing celebrities playing the Nintendo Ds, pretending it's something they do in their spare time.

    1. I think these figures are representative of the last year. Those Celeb Ads are actually showing up less and less.