Sunday, 19 May 2013

What classic horror film would make the best video game?

... According to the social media democracy

After asking our followers what classic horror would make the best video game and compiling the Twitter and Facebook votes, the result was surprisingly one sided.

Just under 80% of the votes went to Stanley Kubrik's "The Shining"

If you are anything like us this result maybe pretty surprising (unless you're like 80% of our voters of course) I mean how would the game work? What perspective would you be playing from? What would the objectives be? 

One of our twitter voters made this suggestion.  

@Nellybonjelly  - "The Shining" from Jack Nicholson's POV. He starts off fighting ghosts then when he's possessed he chaises his family.

One of our facebook voters suggested this.

"You can play as each character (The dads character when he's good) like an ensemble piece. You can even have a section where you are the kid in his toy go-cart thing. You can even be the caretaker as well. Each level represents a different section of the movie."

It is impressive that a film made in 1980 would still be seen in such high regards by a whole new generation. Although, there were overwhelming amounts of people that liked the idea of playing from Jack Nicholson's perspective, which may say something pretty sinister about our young generation ... or am I just getting old?

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  1. Yeah I can imagine it being a good P.O.V slasher, but come on ... no Hellraiser? Imagine going in and out of hell taking our demons and humans.