Monday, 26 March 2012

Tricks and Tips For Playing On Your Xbox 360

1. Time Limit 
Shut down your Xbox 360 console every 6 hours, this will prevent your TV from presenting you with a burnt image of what you’re playing. Always shut down using Xbox Dashboard.

2. Music
You can play music from your Xbox; though do not expect it to play as loudly as any exclusive music system. You can store music files by ripping music from a CD; it reads a wide range of discs, including CD-R and CD-RW formatted discs.

3. Batteries
Make sure you keep spare batteries close at hand, or invest in a Quick Charge Kit and keep spares charging at all times, to avoid running out of batteries in your wireless controller at a crucial moment. You can also get a Wireless Controller with a Play and Charge Kit which can come in handy.

4. HDD/defected signal.
Be careful when replacing your HDD at a friend’s house. Just click push the button at the front of the HD and then pull it gently. Also, to put it back in, slide in the back end first and then bring it down to its place until it makes a click sound. While doing all these, make sure you do it all gently. Also if when plugging in your Xbox at a friend’s house and connecting to different displays, sometimes a defected signal is output resulting in no display on the screen or a mere flickering screen. If this happens, shut down the Xbox 360 console and turn it back on with the Xbox 360 controller. While the Xbox 360 console is still in the process of booting, press and hold the ‘Y’ button followed by the right trigger (RT). The video settings have now been reset and you can continue playing.

5. 'Away'
If you’re playing with friends, or just don’t want to be disturbed, you can change your status with Online Appearance with the Personal Options Button. Choose ‘away’ or ‘busy’ or even offline mode to let people online know you don’t want to play just now.

6. Microsoft Points
Xbox will ask for you to submit your credit card details, which can make it easier to buy Xbox Live Microsoft Points. However once they have your details, it’s almost impossible to take them off and set’s you up for auto-renewal. Steer clear and just buy Microsoft Points from retailers instead. Most will e-mail you the code so no waiting around for delivery.

7. Wireless
You might not need to buy an Official Microsoft Wireless N Network Adaptor for wireless internet connectivity with the Xbox 360 console. If you have a laptop with Wi-Fi nearby simple open the Control Panel, Network Connections/Network Sharing, Manage Network Connections. Upon section of Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection, bridge connections after right-clicking.

8. Gamertag
When you use your Xbox 360 console for the first time, you got through a set-up process of where you need to name a profile for yourself. Choose this name carefully, as if you want to change it later, it will cost you! Choose something short and simple so that other people can communicate with your easier.

9. Look After Your Xbox 360!
Above all, look after your Xbox 360 console. Keep it clean, keep it dust free, and keep it well ventilated to avoid overheating. I recommend keeping it horizontal to avoid it falling over or possible wobbling/vibrating in game play which will also avoid scratching any discs. 

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