Thursday, 22 March 2012

Top Tips On How To Look After Your PS3 Console

1. Don’t smoke!
Any smoke near your console is bad for the laser and can stop games and movies working.

2. Ventilation
Keep your PS3 well ventilated, do not lie in on a carpet or rug, try and keep it at least 10cm away from your wall or other surfaces, do not cover it with a sheet and do not place your console on top of any other equipment like a DVD player or other consoles.

3. Liquids
It should go without saying, but do not spill any liquids onto your console, do not balance any drinks on it, or drink anything near it! Also condensation can also harm your console so avoid storing it in any well known damp areas.

4. USB
If you’re using a USB port that is sucking more power than 1 port can manage then your USB port is going to burn out. Think about buying a USB 2.0 hub with its own external power source so not too much power will be used from one of the USB ports on your PS3.

5. Dust
Trying dusting your console with a clean dry cloth as often as you can. Dust can be very harmful for your console so try keeping it clear of any, especially near the vents at the front back and sides.

6. Damage
Do not move your console while playing, not only could you scratch the disc but you can also damage the console. Never drop it, bump it, kick it or bang it as the shock whilst running can do a lot of external damage. It would also be good if you don’t do any of these things whilst it is not running as well.

7. Heat
Usually you will find it over heats due to lack of ventilation and a build up of dust – so if you listen to the above tips this hopefully will not be a problem, however if you do need to keep an eye on it I suggest putting a thermometer on the wall behind your console, and keep an eye on it – it should never go above 35 Celsius. I also recommend a PS3 Slim cooling and vertical stand. It increases the airflow and helps keep the PS3 cool at critical times.

8. Turn off correctly
Hold the PS button on the controller for 2 seconds and select Turn Off System, go to Turn Off System on the XMB under ‘users’ or you can hold the power button on the console for 5 seconds. Never turn it off by flicking the switch at the back. Be sure to save and quit your game before turning off the console.

9. Surges
If you’re not planning on using your PS3 for a few days then switch it off at the back to prevent any power surges. You can also prevent this from happening by buying a quality surge protector.

10. Hard Drive
Do not power down while hard drive is being accessed. If the yellow light is flashing, you must wait until it stops to power down, otherwise doing so will damage your hard drive.

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