Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Top 10 Video Games New Releases (23 March 2012)

1. Ninja Gaiden 3 Xbox 360 / Sony PS3
Ninja Gaiden 3 is the 3rd instalment in the Ninja Gaiden series. One of the most well-known ninja, Ryu Hayabusa’s name conjures feelings in people the world over. And yet, there is so much that we don’t know about the man behind the mask.

2. Homefront Ultimate Edition Xbox 360 / Sony PS3
Join the Resistance, stand united and fight for freedom against an overwhelming military force in Homefront's gripping single player campaign.

3. Kinect Rush Disney Pixar Adventure Xbox 360
Kinect Rush A Disney-Pixar Adventure is a racing adventure game that lets families and fans of all ages experience the worlds of five beloved Disney-Pixar films.

4. We Sing Pop Nintendo Wii
Take to the stage with We Sing Pop! The first game in the We Sing karaoke series to feature 30 sensational pop hits from the World’s leading pop stars. Perform like a true pop idol with 6 decades of original hits to choose from.

5. Pokepark 2 Wonders Beyond Nintendo Wii
The imaginative fun of the Pokemon franchise grows with the PokePark 2 Wonders Beyond Nintendo Wii game. Play as one of four different Pokemon, and interact with many more, as Pikachu and his Pals explore PokePark and discover the secrets of a mysterious new world.

6. Kid Icarus Uprising Nintendo 3DS
One of the most beloved franchises in Nintendo’s long history makes its glorious return in spectacular 3D. Pit of Kid Icarus fame is back in a new game designed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS system. Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS has to be my favourite this week.

7. 4 Elements Nintendo 3DS
Beyond endless seas, an ancient fairytale kingdom is in trouble. A land once full of life has become a lifeless desert. Restore power to four magic books so that peace and prosperity may return. Can you turn the tides and restore the 4Elements in this enchanting Puzzle game?

8. Shogun Total war 2 The fall of the samurai PC
Total War Shogun 2 offers a completely new experience as a stand-alone expansion. Fight one last time for Japan’s future, as the age of the Samurai comes face to face with the explosive power of modern weaponry. The fate of all Japan is in your hands.

As the fumes thicken, best-selling true crimes author Regina Blacklock fades in and out of consciousness. Falling inches short from discovering the truth behind a 35 year old case she has been researching, police are left with one clue leading to the Women's Murder Club...

Police 2, a police simulation and strategy game with isometric graphics, puts you in charge of maintaining the public safety of a city. Protect the citizens from all forms of crime. Officers in your staff, as well as statistics will assist you in fulfilling this task. Public support will depend on how you do of your job.

Which one is your favourite?

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