Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Moshi Monsters Moshlings: Theme Park - The Ride is about to Begin

Just like a real-life rollercoaster slowly cranking its way up to the tipping point before hurtling towards the loop-the-loops, corkscrews and all the other fun-stuff, the release of Moshi Monsters Moshlings: Theme Park 3DS and on Nintendo DS is creeping ever closer and come Friday 26th October children everywhere will be setting about on an all-new and totally Monsterific adventure!

So what is it all about? What rides weave their way through this theme park and out through the screen on the 3DS version? Well to find out, you’ll first have to re-build the park, because the Moshlings have not only lost their way around Amusement Isle, but the theme park is long past its best. So it is up to you to round up all of your Moshling friends, restore the park to its former-thrilling glory and then embark on an adventure you’ll never forget – tackling puzzles, various missions and unlocking secret areas along the way. Oh, and of course taking to all of those heart-pumping rides when the park is restored!

Check out the trailer below!

All of the action doesn’t just have to stay inside the dual screen of your DS either! As over at the Hitari store and inside our special Moshi Monsters section, you’ll find everything you need to boost your Moshling experience, with cases for your 3DS or DS, a camcorder or even coming just in time for Christmas on December 5th – your own Moshi Monsters Universal Headphones! Just make sure you’re buckled up, your hands and feet are inside the carriage and that you’re ready for the ride to begin on October 26th!

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