Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Skylanders gets GIGANTIC on 19th October

Character after character has graced your portal and you’ve done and seen all Skylands has to offer… Or you think you have - because starting on the 19th of October, the Giants are coming out to play and are set to bring with them the gigantic expansions you would come to expect from new additions to this ever-evolving story, such as Tree-Rex and Crusher.

Set to be bigger, better and with more to do and explore than ever before, how do you know ‘Giants’ warrants that purchase and dusting off your Power Portal to set about on a whole new adventure? Or, if you’re completely new to Skylanders and the merging of what’s real and found through your screen in the virtual realm, what does this new title do to have you ordering that Giants Starter Pack and embarking on a litany of quests with each new character you add to your collection?

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Skylanders

Right from the offset and from what will be a familiar process for seasoned Skylanders players (the unpackaging process) you will realise that things are different… very different. These ‘Giants’ are giants in every sense of the word, being much larger than previous iterations of Skylanders figures, and as soon as they get close to the Power Portal and are placed on it, they will light up – not adding just another ‘cool’ wow-factor, but something that will add yet another connection between the virtual and real-worlds as you play through each character’s story.

But what can these Giants actually do that Spyro, Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt and the rest can’t? Well to whet your appetite, giants such as Tree-Rex and Crusher bring the obvious brute strength and size to the table, but this means they can now smash through the ground, knock-down barriers and even pull whole lands closer – building upon the existing successes that keep kids and adults alike coming back for more, and even adding something to suit the hard-core gamer. If you’re heading straight to pre-order Skylanders Giants Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii – watch the trailer first to get even more excited!

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