Monday, 5 January 2015

Disney Infinity 2.0 Superheroes of Choice

Charging around Manhattan with a Mjolnir firmly in my grip and lofted above, I feel I can take on anyone and anything, though the Ice Giants rumbling towards me might take a bit of a beating.  I am Thor, Norse God extraordinaire, and they are going to wish they had stayed in Asgaard.  Hang on tight; Disney Infinity has gone all Marvel Superheroes!

The current craze with Skylander-type figures continues unabated, with more companies planning similar game types, and Disney now cashing in on its previous success with Disney Infinity 2.0: MarvelSuperheroes. For those not fully up to date with this gaming trend, the figures are mounted on a supplied base and then become major figures within the game.  Swapping figures on the base also swaps them on the screen, so you can switch as you like through the storyline.  The pack comes with game discs which can be stacked under your selected figurine to add new features and abilities to the play character. The whole lot adds up to tons of fun!

While the whole Marvel set consists of Iron Man, Loki, Hulk, Falcon, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye, the starter kit comes only with Thor Iron Man and Black widow, with the other characters costing around £19.99 each.  The pack also comes with the Disney Infinity base on which to mount your play figures, a play set piece, two toybox game discs, and a webcode card.  The whole package adds up to hours of fun, which is expandable with new figures from the range and extra game discs. 

The game has a story mode – something to do with stopping Loki and his army of Frost Giants from levelling New York – which is only a few hour of gameplay and actually quite a weak part of the overall experience.  Where this the only means of using the Disney Infinity kit then it would get a big suck from this reviewer, but it’s not and the real genius behind the system is the Toy Box mode which allows you to construct, destroy, and reconstruct till your heart’s content.  But a little caution is needed here; while the Toy Box is a hugely fun element to the overall game, it’s also pretty complex, with options laid on options so it takes a fair bit of practice to be able to make something that not only looks good but is also fun to play.  Once you build, you can insert your players via the figure stand and create all sorts of side games and adventures.  You can get varying levels of help from the system and at the start it is well accepted as it gives you the opportunity to see what can be achieved.

Disney Infinity 2.0 is a great game but one that is a little flawed.  It has flaws in the pedestrian storyline, it had flaws in the powerful Toy Box mode in as much as it’s not as easy to use as you would hope, and it has flaws which seem to make it freeze and crash randomly.  Those are pretty big issues, but even when considering them, the whole package comes out on the plus side.  The game is hugely fun to play and with game discs adding an almost infinite number of alteration to the basic play, one that many will be playing for months to come.

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