Sunday, 12 February 2012

Prototype 2 Radnet Edition - Are you ready to kill your Maker?!

The PROTOTYPE 2 RADNET Edition is a highly limited edition of PROTOTYPE 2. 

Designed for 'early bird' fans, it comes equipped with a RADNET Access Code found on the back of the game manual. RADNET Editions can be distinguished from the regular edition of PROTOTYPE 2 by a distinct RADNET Sticker placed on the front of all new shrink wrapped copies of PROTOTYPE 2.
This limited edition is only available while supplies last!

Gamers who enter their unique RADNET access code will find that it unlocks an awesome mix of over 55 exclusive in-game events, themed rewards and friend-vs-friend score-based challenges.

Obtaining access to RADNET will unlock seven weeks of unique digital content, commencing from the worldwide launch date of April 24th

Included in those 'Rewards' are exclusive items such as Behind-the-Scenes videos from the development team, bonus Mutations for Sgt. James Heller in the game’s main campaign, Avatar accessories for the Xbox®360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Dynamic Themes for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.  100% FREE and at no extra cost if you purchase a new copy of PROTOTYPE 2 while supplies last from our website.

The Radnet edition that we will have for pre-orders will be the Unlock Bullet Dive. 

The game holds alot of "surprises that we are not supposed to tell you about just yet" and I am very tempted to leak the news but I do not wish to spoil it for you. Let me know what you think they are?!

With a the marketing budget of over 2.4 Million pounds and an expensive red carpet launch, Activision is bidding huge on this game! 

Watch the Prototype 2 James Heller vs. Alex Mercer Official Trailer and Interview with production team below: 

And do not forget to check out our YouTube channel for all trailers, interviews and pre-alpha gameplay here:

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