Thursday, 17 March 2011

Roxio Game Capture for Xbox 360 and PS3 Official Presentation

Roxio Game Capture device.

This is becoming more and more popular on sites like youtube, facebook for bragging rights etc. We included the official presentation on the listing here: Roxio Game Capture

There is not really anything in the market that is as complete as this one, Videowave editing software that can also be used for general video editing and the USB 2.0 box will capture anything that use’s Component.

There will also be a PC version coming out which is purely software based and I’ll confirm details of this once I have them.

This product is due to be released towards the end of March start of April.

Retail Price is £79.99

Capture, Edit and Share your Xbox 360 and PS3 Gameplay

  • Hardware & software solution that lets you capture real-time Xbox 360 & PS3 gameplay to your PC

  • Perfect for bragging rights, posting your own game reviews, or even creating your very own machinima

  • capture


    Capture real-time gameplay from your Xbox 360 or PS3 to your PC while still playing in full HD on your television.

    edit and personalize

    Edit & Personalize

    Edit your captured gameplay by adding transitions, voice-overs and overlays to show off your high scores and best moves.


    Share your creations easily on YouTube, Facebook or WeGame. Perfect for bragging rights, posting game reviews and strategy tips.

    To Preorder or view the official presentation, check the related files on the listing here and do not forget to leave your review if you can: Roxio Game Capture

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